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With venture building on a consistent rise, Slash, a boutique venture and tech studio, is coming forward with a new social project - Venture Builder Map. This is the first attempt to create a global interactive directory of all the venture builders.

The map should ideally include every grassroot operator-venture builder, corporate venture builder, consulting venture builder and hands-on VC - the whole spectrum of venture builders. Why do we believe it is time to have a Venture Builder Map?

Historically, new businesses were created by individual grassroot entrepreneurs or by larger companies that aimed to spin off new business and service lines. According to Marc Gamet, Chief Product Officer of Slash, the situation is very different now. “Anyone from early-stage entrepreneurs to large corporations and even governments systematically consider creating new businesses to address new problems.” With Agile and Lean methodologies, the business building playbook of quickly testing, validating, and growing new ventures is maturing.

This new movement gives rise to venture building as a new venture asset class. Contrary to venture capital that manages investment in higher-risk, pre-growth companies, venture building is operator-focused and more hands- on in the creation of multiple new businesses.

What makes this new venture asset class so powerful?

To put it simply, venture building has the ability to industrialize the execution capabilities needed to create high-risk businesses with limited assets. “Adding to that core strength is the abundance of venture capital and methodologies available for entrepreneurs,” said Alex Lossing, CTO & Head of Delivery of Slash. “Plus, the venture building talent pool is broader than the grassroot entrepreneur pool. More people are able to grasp the methodology of venture building without having to take quite the same risk as grassroot entrepreneurs do”.

New trends continue to emerge within this new venture asset class, and yet there is very little codification in that space.

“Our aim with the Venture Builder Map is to create an opportunity to partner and codify the venture building community,” said Andries De Vos, CEO of Slash. “There are so many types of Venture Builders and VB playbooks emerging, for startup operators, agencies, corporates and investors. The invitation is simple: let’s learn from each other and create value together. There are opportunities across the entire value chain: talent searching for jobs, dealflow, strategic partnerships and business servicing. If your focus is on VB, we invite you to register and join the platform!”.

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